“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Membership and Evangelism

Gerald Suh – Elder

Class of 2023

Through the ministry of Evangelism we attempt to spread God’s word and share his love with others.

The Evangelism and Membership Committee is the hospitality ministry of Hope Presbyterian Church. Its greeters welcome all to worship each Sunday and orient visitors to the church. They invite them to fellowship and familiarize themselves with the weekly schedule in order to answer questions.

The chairman schedules new member classes in concert with the pastor, preparing and distributing new member packets, and assisting the pastor with the class sessions. Those attending new member classes are asked to fill out this Members & Friends Information Form . The committee also nurtures new members to help them gain a sense of community.

We should remember that everyone is an evangelist. God has given us different gifts and talents. Let us share with others.