“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Keep Connected – Hope Presbyterian Church Becomes Hybrid

Pastor Gloria is leading the church to meeting in person. Visit this post weekly to view updates!

In Person Worship in the Backyard, if rain, then in Sanctuary
No Confirmation Class today
Confirmation Sunday – May 16
New Members Class May 30 2021 right after the service

Hybrid Worship Update:
New Zoom ID Number: 811 7977 7597
Beginning June 6, 2021 the full service online will become available only on
Zoom at 10:30am.
The recording of zoom will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in the
afternoon so you can join each Sunday s Service online.
A pre recorded sermon only will be available beginning June 13, 2021 on
YouTube at 10: 30am

CELEBRATE TOGETHER Send Pastor Gloria the following:
May birthday celebration photos and videos – on your birthday week

GRADUATES:  College \ High School Class of 2021
Send us your photos and information about what’s next in your lives!

Upcoming Meetings:  Contact Pastor Gloria

  • Monday @ 1:00 pm Prayer Shawl – Now meeting in person
  • Collington Faith Forum @ 4 PM Wednesday in person at Collington- We are studying Grounded by Diana Bass Butler
  • CWF Friday @ 7:00 pm

Welcome our New Administrative Assistant: Sheila Basey

Other Worship Opportunities

Facebook Live Stream – Monday-Thursday @ 9:00pm for 11 minutes of prayers. 

If you never took a new members class but are interested, please contact Pastor Gloria to set up a time so that you can officially join our church as a new member.

Prince of Peace Adult Christian Education Invitation:
Christian Education offers Spring online class: “The Temple and Idea of Sacred Space”.
The idea of the Temple as a “House of God” (Beth-el) enclosing God’s most sacred and concentrated form comprises a theological arc that runs through the entire Bible, from the earliest Hebrew scriptures to the eschatological visions of Revelation. The Temple is both an architectural concept and a theological idea. It is impossible to understand the full import of Jesus’ revelatory message unless we understand the Temple and Temple worship in Jewish tradition of His time.
We begin by studying Jewish Temple architecture as it evolved in Hebrew scripture, from the earliest stone pillars of the patriarchs, to the transportable tabernacle of the wandering children of Israel, culminating in the magnificent sacred building constructed by King Solomon on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Prior even to that, the Garden of Eden is presented as a uniquely sacred space, where God communicates directly with man. The Jewish Temple uses architectural enclosures to identify gradations of sacredness: believers approached the inmost shrine through a series of courtyards, hallways, and veils designed to wall off and separate the Holy from the Profane. The innermost part of the Temple (the Holy of Holies) was conceived as containing the concentrated presence of God, to be approached only by the chief priest on certain days of the year. The Holy of Holies was a sacred and a dangerous space. Jesus changed all that. Rather than abolishing the Temple, Jesus radically re-formed it within Himself, becoming the new Temple, with His faithful believers as parts of the structure that will only be completely realized at the end of time when God institutes “a new heaven and a new earth.” Classes will be led by CE Elder Mark Weadon, Tuesday mornings, 10:30-noon, beginning 13 April and running through 1 June. Go to Join Meeting on http://www.zoom.us using passcode 853 3502 4384.

Next Distribution will be Saturday, May 29 from 9:30am-12pm.
• Tuesday, May 25 @ 12:30pm for unloading truck
• Friday, May 28 from 10:30am for moving 50lbs bag
• Friday, May 28 from 5pm-7pm for sorting & packing.

We received $3000 grant from CAFB to be used between February-May, 2021. Praise God! We trust that as we give God provides.

Ongoing Mission Opportunities

Help By Phone is a Federally funded food pantry operated by volunteers like you.  Let your neighbors know that they can call 301-699-9009 and receive pantry items from this program.  They will be directed to one of the participating churches depending on their address. 

 Due to the pandemic, many undocumented residents of our county are unable to feed their families.  Your generous donations enabled the church to purchase food for these families.  So thank you for your generous financial contributions, donations and volunteer hours. 

Food Pantry hours at Hope are Noon – 1:30 PM.

  • Wednesday: Norma Chin 
  • Thursday: Joseph Adetayo 
  • Friday: Charles Ekoko

Click the phone icon to call Charles Ekoko and volunteer for the Hope Presbyterian Church Food Pantry.


Prince George’s House Men’s Homeless Shelter:  Miriam Sanders has been spearheading this mission on her own but we hope you can help.  Can you cook a side dish or main dish or desert to be served to 37 men?  You can decide how much you are able to cook.  We serve on the Fourth Tuesday of every month, if you are able to help cook a hot meal, please contact Miriam Sanders.