“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.
Hope for the Future
Hope for the Future

Hope plays an important role in the community, both with the members, and far beyond the walls of the church building.   We are a multicultural community of faith, and we are alive and vibrant, but   we are crowded. We are embarking upon a capital building campaign to expand our facilities for ministry.   Although we are creative when it comes to sharing space, we have reached a point where we need to address the space problem.

We call ourselves a welcoming church, and we have the hospitality in our hearts, but we do not have accessible space for those who need special assistance.   We want to be able to share our space with the community, but we have to say “No,” because we just don’t have room.

Our space for Christian education is now used to the maximum, and we are a growing church.   There are children everywhere. The members of the task force who have worked to develop this campaign have figured that 100 people pledging $2000 per year for three years will help us meet our goal.   We are reaching out to you, asking you to consider making a pledge, whatever the amount. Please learn and share in the life of Hope as you watch our video.

Please click here or the Hope for the Future logo above to watch.  Help move Hope into the future.

Hope for the Future Update:

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question regarding the Hope for the Future Building Fund.  You will find the responses below:

Q: Is the building fund different from my regular offering?

A: Yes. We need to continue to give our regular offering, because the ongoing mission of the church depends upon it.  The Building Fund is a different pledge.  Both are very important.

Q: Does the Presbytery have funds to support new building?

A: The Presbytery may be in a position to guarantee a loan if the leadership discerns that makes sense.

Q: Could we use a “fundraising consultant”?

A: Yes. We could use a fundraising consultant if the Session feels it is prudent in this last year of the campaign.

Q: Is there any period of time when we will not have access to the sanctuary due to construction?

A: It is to early to know the answer to that.

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