“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

A Moment for Building

Back on January 5, 2014, we began the campaign for adding to the Hope Presbyterian Church facility.

In the past few months, you have received a lot of information about why the session feels that it is important to expand our facility. You have heard inspiring messages from people who are members at Hope, and understand that we continue to outgrow our facility. Our space no longer supports our ministries. It’s a good thing because we are surrounded each week by so many of God’s children. But if you have tried to attend fellowship in Custis Hall, or conduct a Sunday School class, or find a place for a committee to meet, or find a parking space, you know that we are crowded. If you have invited friends to some of our worship services, you have experienced times when there are not enough chairs for people to sit in worship. And most importantly, if you or a loved one has needed an accessible restroom, there isn’t one.

This is the current status of what has been collected and pledged so far:
Building Campaign Fund: $ $250,935.00
Pledged: $177,570.00
Total: $428,505.00

Our goal for this campaign and to be able to do the work that we need to do to our facility is $750, 000. So, at this point, we are $ 321,595.00 short of our goal. This means that we are more there than not there. Thanks be to God!! However, there is still more work to do before June 8. If you have not yet made your commitment to this campaign, then it is time to do so. Please ask for a pledge card if you have lost yours, and put you name on the Giving Tree so that we can build Hope For the Future.