Our Staff

Leslianne Adkins Braunstein

Transitional Minister
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Introducing our Transitional Pastor

Reverend Leslianne Braunstein

Leslianne Braunstein is a member of National Capital Presbytery and focuses her service to the church on working with congregations, like ours, that are in transition between installed pastors.  Rev. Braunstein is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary and had previously earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Queens College in NY.

She is outgoing, laughs easily, and is an organized and effective administrator.  She enjoys getting to know new people and helping them navigate the journey between pastors.  Among her numerous leadership qualities are compassion, preaching and worship leadership, effective communication, and collaborative skills.  Rev. Braunstein and her husband, Richard, live in the District.


Connie Cunningham

Administrative Secretary
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We have the blessing of being introduced to Hope’s new church secretary, Connie Cunningham.  She will be in the church office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 AM-2:30 PM. Connie is well-known among Presbyterians, and is a long time member of Berwyn Presbyterian Church. She has recently retired from the registrar’s office at the University of Maryland. Please stop by the church office, and meet Connie.

Shari Baker

Clerk of Session

The main responsibility of the clerk of session is the accurate recording of the   minutes of the session meetings, including meetings of the congregation, and maintaining the permanent records of the Church.  Shari keeps the minutes and the church registers (various rolls) up-to-date and submits for annual review by the National Capital Presbytery when requested.  Her records are usually accepted without the need for corrections or exceptions to them.

Darline Henry

Child Care Coordinator

Darline Henry is our Child Care Coordinator.   Darline’s career has been in Finance, but she has lots of experience caring for children.   We are delighted to have her with us.

Director of Music