Florence Mbangowah – Elder

Help-by-Phone:  The Help-by-Phone Food Pantry served 13 families and 48 people in the month of April.      Please continue giving hearty soups to distribute to the patrons of the Food Pantry!  Hearty soups are the kind you make without having to use water!  Thank you so much for your giving to Help-by-Phone during this time of year.

Prince George’s House:  The Prince George’s House dinner will be on Tuesday, May 22nd.  Benjamin Mbou will be the host for the dinner.  We are looking for help.  If anyone would like to contribute dessert, fruit, or help with serving, it would be much appreciated.  Please contact Benjamin Mbou by email at benjaminmbou@yahoo.com or Florence Mbangowah at fmbangowah@yahoo.com




The Mission Committee

The Mission Committee leads the congregation in the work of spreading God’s love beyond the walls of the church. It strives to reach out to people in need in the immediate community and around the world. The Book of Order states the following as a responsibility of Session: planning and leading ministries of social healing and reconciliation in the community in accordance with the prophetic witness of Jesus Christ G-3.0201.The Committee educates and encourages the congregation to participate in the worldwide mission of Christ through prayer, talent, time, and money. The committee partners with other churches, community groups and the General Assembly Mission Council to extend its reach.

The Mission Committee has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. To encourage the joyful participation of the congregation in the Christ affirming work of mission and hunger relief.
  2. To reach out to the congregation using such means as minute for mission, time with children, monthly newsletter articles, bulletin boards, Sunday bulletin inserts, and personal appeals.
  3. To administer and operate the daily on-site Help-By-Phone food pantry. To appoint a pantry coordinator as required by the Help-By-Phone network. The coordinator will insure that the pantry is staffed daily, that food supplies are obtained from Help-By-Phone and supplemented as needed. They will keep accurate records of expenditures and submit required monthly reports. The privacy of pantry clients will be guarded. To encourage the congregation to donate bread for the pantry on Communion Sunday and canned soup on Souperbowl Sunday.
  4. To minister monthly to the men at Prince George’s House with prayer, fellowship and dinner.
  5. To create and carry out opportunities for service such as Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families, adopting a Christmas family, collecting disaster relief supplies, providing school supplies for local children, sponsoring  needy children abroad through an international organization, and contributing to international hunger programs such as the Moringa Tree Project.
  6. To appeal to the congregation for special denominational offerings such as One Great Hour of Sharing and the Christmas Joy Offering.
  7. To develop and plan for the mission needs in the budget.